Gran Saga: Unlimited New Gameplay Features — Everything You Need to Know

Experience a new Class, Dungeons, Clans and more!

10 min readJul 1, 2023

Hello everyone, this is Daniel, the GSU Studio Head! The highly anticipated 2nd Gran Saga: Unlimited Community Test is just around the corner, with less than a week remaining until the server opens on July 6th.

As many of you have been eagerly waiting to play, we have much more content prepared for players compared to the previous test.

Today, I would like to explain the new gameplay features and content players will get to experience in the 2nd Community Test. There’s a lot to cover, so get ready to dig in!

New Class: Warrior

Introducing the new Warrior class!

The Warrior is a new class that will be available to play in the 2nd playtest

The Warrior excels in melee combat, possessing incredible offensive firepower. The Warrior possesses skills such as counter-attacks and knockdowns, enabling players to employ a high-risk, high-reward playstyle, and brings a new level of dynamic combat to GSU.

The Warrior is a high-risk, high-reward offensive class, designed for skilled players to take advantage of!

When you choose the Slayer mastery, you will be able to use even more powerful skills that maximize the Warrior’s damage capabilities. Slayers can increase their attack power by sacrificing their own health. Overall, the Warrior was designed as a class that allows for a high level of skill expression, with a high skill ceiling and varying effectiveness based on the player’s skill level.

In party battles, Warriors can inadvertently troll their allies, so all Warrior players should stay alert!

Chaos Fields

The Chaos Field is a field located on a parallel timeline within the GSU world, plagued by system bugs.

The most important thing to note is that the Chaos Field is an unrestricted PvP zone!

From the error-afflicted Chaos Field monsters, Error Codes can drop. Take these Error Codes to the System Room where Lilith will exchange them for rare items such as Fatigue Point Recovery Potions, Rare Equipment, and Experience Boosting Potions.

Additionally, Chaos Field monsters provide higher experience compared to regular field monsters. If you are a player aiming for faster leveling than your competition, you can hunt in the Chaos Fields, but beware of the increased risk you will face.

When the cumulative number of monsters hunted in the Chaos Field reaches a certain level, a Chaos Field boss will be summoned. The Chaos Field boss is extremely powerful and upon successful conquest drops a Tesseract.

The most important thing to note is that the Chaos Field is an unrestricted PvP zone, and in the second community test, there are two Chaos Fields in total.

Through the imposing red portals located in Dragon’s Hill and Wind Shear Valley, players can enter each respective Chaos Field.

If a player belonging to a clan delivers the killing blow to a Chaos Field Boss, all clan members present in the Chaos Field can also obtain the Tesseract, so prevent other clans from attacking the boss! Other clans may even be a greater threat than the monsters.

16-player Raids

A new type of raid with a minimum duration of 30 minutes and 16 players will be introduced for the first time.

By defeating extremely powerful monsters, you can challenge the boss raid. Nathan, the Game Director, has taken special care in making sure these raids are extremely challenging.

For a successful strategy, it is crucial to have an appropriate class ratio among the 16 players and understand the roles of each class. If you approach it with a casual mindset like in other dungeons, it will be impossible for you to conquer the boss.

By defeating the raid boss, you can obtain a Tesseract. For this reason, there may be content restrictions such as a weekly clear limit implemented after the official release of the game.

Tesseracts and Keystones

When you open a Tesseract, you can obtain Epic-grade equipment or keystones.

All items obtained from the Tesseract are determined through the Proof of Play (PoP) Algorithm, so the history of every Tesseract opening attempt is recorded on the PoP Explorer.

Among them, Keystones are items with a predetermined total quantity per realm. You can also check how many Keystones are obtained per hour through the Detector menu.

Bring the Keystones to Eve in Ragnadea to summon ‘Gran Weapons’.

Gran Weapons

Gran Weapons are the most powerful weapons in the GSU world. Legendary Gran Weapons even have exclusive skills.

Since keystones are limited by the PoP system, the number of players who can possess a Gran Weapon is also limited. In other words, if you encounter a player who wields a Gran Weapon in the Chaos Field, it means you should flee on sight!

New Dungeons and Existing Dungeons Reworked

Unlike in the 1st Community Test, from now on, all dungeons will have their entrances placed in an overworld field, so you need to explore and find them along with your party members.

Gather your party members through regional chat and conquer the dungeons. The drop rates and types of items obtainable in dungeons have been adjusted significantly, and the difficulty has also been adjusted to require more focus on strategy.

Additionally, a new dungeon called the Cursed King’s Chamber will open for challenges from players whose levels are in the high 20’s.

Additionally, among the existing dungeons, the dungeons where Taumas appears have been completely reworked. I’m very curious to see which party (if any) will clear it on their first try.

Lastly, a new type of dungeon called the Cube Dungeon will be added.

The Cube Dungeon requires effective cooperation with party members to defend. After clearing the Cube Dungeon, you can unlock Cubes obtained from field play within the dungeon to acquire items.

Unlike other dungeons, there is unlimited entry into the Cube Dungeon. Additionally, you can obtain Bix from the monsters within the Cube Dungeon. You can exchange your Bix for unique items and monster souls with the NPC Rose in Ragnadea.

Elite Fields

Elite fields, which feature much stronger monsters and provide higher experience points, will be added.

It is highly recommended that you don’t attempt to solo the Elite fields, accessed through portals shimmering with violet flames. If you don’t hunt together with other party members, you will end up dying quickly and often.

As it is difficult to hunt alone, the monsters in Elite fields specifically drop “Enhancement Scrolls.” Collect these scrolls to enhance your equipment and challenge even more dangerous dungeons and fields.

New Town

A new town has been added that can serve as a base for high-level players.

While important actions like summoning Gran Weapons still require visiting Ragnadea, this new town will serve as a hub for high-level players to regroup, meet other players, and form new parties.

Idols & Fans

Idols have the power to make themselves bigger and their fans smaller. Additionally, Idols have the unique ability to grant their Fans a 10% buff in experience gain for two hours, once every 24 hours.

Play with Idols and create some unique memories!


Clans have been a highly anticipated feature, as evidenced by the numerous questions we received about clans through our AMAs, Twitter, and Discord!

In this test, clans can have a maximum of 25 members, including the Clan Master. We are considering directions such as increasing the maximum number of members through clan leveling in the future.

During this 2nd playtest, points for the Clan leaderboard can only be obtained by “gold donations” to the clan treasury. However, in future, Clan rankings will be determined based on points accumulated through various activities.

The gold donated by clan members during this test cannot be used by members. However, in future releases, the accumulated gold in the clan treasury will be utilized to unlock clan content and for preparations for clan battles.

Additionally, clans can set a clan tag. In the 2nd Community Test, all clans can set a clan tag, but in the release version, it will serve as asymbol of honor given to only a few top clans. The clan tag will always be displayed in any situation, allowing players in top clans to showcase their prestige wherever they are.

I’m very curious about which clan will become the top clan in this test, and I can’t wait to see if my predictions were right!

Realm Tax & Pension Fund

When clan members donate gold to the clan treasury, 30% of the amount will be automatically collected as taxes for the kingdom.

The kingdom taxes will be accumulated in the Realm Vault, and a portion of it will be allocated to the Realm Pension Fund. Although it won’t be possible to receive pensions in this test, we plan to allow players to receive pensions regularly in the official release version.

Changes to Mastery System

Starting from the 2nd playtest, the Mastery system becomes an irreversible system. In other words, once you choose a Mastery, you cannot cancel it or switch to another one.

Be careful! Once you choose a Mastery, you cannot cancel it or switch to another one!

Based on this, we have further differentiated the characteristics of each Mastery, and each Mastery will have its unique gameplay mechanics and characteristics.

Auto Running

Among the feedback received from the previous test, many players found it inconvenient that they couldn’t run and chat simultaneously because running was only possible while holding down a keyboard key.

Therefore, starting from this test, an auto-running feature will be added.

Note: It won’t automatically find or travel to the destination for you. It simply enables your character to run forward automatically, but you still need to manually control the direction!


During the previous test, we distributed mounts as event items to many players because the test period was short, and the balancing of movement speed and warp point costs were not yet in place. But this will be different starting from this test.

Even the basic mount requires a considerable amount of gold, and rare mounts require items from hunting dungeon bosses to be obtained.

Please show respect when you encounter a player riding a rare mount. They are remarkable players!

Recall & Warp

Starting from this test, you can return to Ragnadea at any time using the “Recall” function on your smartphone.

Moreover, now you can only move to other warp points near your current location. However, this will require gold.

You need to familiarize yourself with the map and plan your routes for optimal gameplay.

Even More Changes

In addition to these changes, there have been improvements and additions in usability, bug fixes, power balancing, and the addition of equipment items.

Covering each improvement one by one would make this article too long, but we have done our best to include as much of the feedback from the previous test as we could.

See you on July 6th!

We are very excited for the second community test, which will start next week. I’m especially excited to see if any players are able to kill me in the game. It’s already thrilling just to think about!

The entire development team, including myself and Nathan, is looking forward to meeting all the testers!

Well then, see you in Ragnadea on July 6th!

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