Gran Saga: Unlimited — 2nd Tester Recruitment Announcement

Find out how we’re recruiting the 8,000 testers for the 2nd GSU Community test and more!

6 min readApr 6, 2023

A t the end of March, we successfully completed the 1st Community Test of Gran Saga: Unlimited, thanks to the many fans who showed their support and love for METAPIXEL and GSU.

During the first round of testing, all testers averaged 11 hours and 18 minutes of playtime, and the top 200 testers averaged 21 hours of playtime, making it an exciting three days!

The entire METAPIXEL team would like to thank everyone who participated in the testing event in any way. We had testers who explored the game with utmost enthusiasm. We also had testers who continued to report bugs and errors to our development team to help us improve the game. Even the community members who were unfortunately not selected as testers this time still showed their enthusiasm by participating in community events such as Gartic with LUMINA.

Although the 1st Community Test was planned to be a small-scale test aimed at sharing a taste of the game we are developing with the community for the first time, we had a lot more people sign up to participate than we initially expected.

We are sorry that we couldn’t include everyone who wanted to test Gran Saga: Unlimited the first time. That’s why we are preparing the 2nd Community Test on a larger scale than before. In this announcement, we would like to share with you the approximate timeline and recruitment method for the second round of testing.

For the 2nd Community Test of Gran Saga: Unlimited, there will be a total of 8,000 tester slots available.

Each selection method will be allocated a portion of the 8,000 slots. Please note that the concrete numbers of allocated slots for each method are TBA.

#1 METAPIXEL Member Draw: Anyone who has signed up on METAPIXEL can apply for the draw via the METAPIXEL website or launcher.

#2 METAPIXEL Early Adopter NFT holder draw: Verified owners of the Early Adopter NFT can apply for the draw via entry form.

#3 Zealy Top 1000: Top 1000 XP based on the METAPIXEL Zealy leaderboard will be granted a tester slot.

#4 Be a Pioneer: Participants of the 1st Community Test who reached Lv. 15 or higher and completed the Be a Pioneer quest will be guaranteed a tester slot.

#5 Access Codes: These will be given to METAPIXEL’s partners for distribution, including gaming guilds and streamers.

Gran Saga: Unlimited 2nd Round of Tester Recruitment Methods

1) METAPIXEL Member Draw

Application period for 2nd Community Test: April 6, 2023 02:00 am — June 15, 2023 02:00 am (UTC+0)

From April 6 to June 15, we will open an application page on the METAPIXEL website for the 2nd Community Tester recruitment, that all registered members of METAPIXEL can apply for.


All applicants are eligible to be airdropped Catcha NFT, the fine feline PFP NFT collection of METAPIXEL, where a total of 10 Catcha are available to be won by draw!

Please note: If you qualify through Early Adopter NFT holder draw / Be a Pioneer / Zealy Top 1000 / Access Code you will still be eligible for the Catcha draw by clicking Apply!

2) METAPIXEL Early Adopter NFT Holder Draw

METAPIXEL Early Adopter NFT Free Claim on Topaz Launchpad: March 23, 2023 03:00 am — April 13, 2023 03:00 am (UTC+0)

Until April 13, 2023, you can claim the free METAPIXEL Early Adopter NFT by completing missions related to METAPIXEL on Topaz, the largest NFT marketplace on Aptos. A designated number of testers will be drawn from holders of the METAPIXEL Early Adopter NFT.

METAPIXEL Early Adopter NFT:

[METAPIXEL Early Adopter NFT Holder Draw Details]

* To be eligible for the draw, holders must verify their ownership and their signup status to the METAPIXEL website. The verification page will open in June.

* The following individuals will be excluded from the METAPIXEL Early Adopter NFT Holder Draw pool:

  • Zealy/Crew3 XP Top 1000
  • Pioneers (297 people)

3) METAPIXEL Zealy/Crew3 XP Top 1000

Please note: Crew3 has recently rebranded to Zealy. All previous Zealy/Crew3 account information and XP remains unchanged.

Since the 1st Community Test could only accommodate 500 testers, there were sadly many members who couldn’t participate in the test even though they were passionate members of the METAPIXEL community.

Official METAPIXEL Zealy Site:

Therefore, for this test we will allocate 1000 tester slots based on the METAPIXEL Zealy XP Leaderboard, which will help more passionate community supporters gain access to the 2nd Gran Saga: Unlimited test.

[Zealy Top 1000 Tester Details]

  • Zealy Top 1000 selection will be based on a snapshot of the METAPIXEL Zealy Leaderboard on June 15, 2023 at 03:00 am (UTC+0).
  • To be considered for the Zealy Top 1000, you must verify your Discord account and METAPIXEL membership on the Zealy Top 1000 2nd Community Test Application page, which will be announced in June.
  • The Zealy Top 1000 selection pool excludes the 297 people who completed the Be a Pioneer quest, as they are already guaranteed access to the 2nd test.
  • Please note that the Zealy Top 1000 selection will not be an exact match of the METAPIXEL Zealy Leaderboard, as users may not be eligible or choose not to apply, in which case the next highest ranked member takes their place.

4) Be a Pioneer

The 297 players who reached Lv. 15 or higher during the 1st Community Test and completed the Be a Pioneer quest have earned Pioneer status and are guaranteed a tester spot during the 2nd Community Test. Tester access will be granted to the same METAPIXEL account that was used during the 1st test.

You can find out if you are a Pioneer by following the announcement in the #gsu-tester-announcements channel in the METAPIXEL Discord, or by clicking the Apply button on the METAPIXEL website after April 6th, which will reveal your Pioneer status.

5) Access Codes

These will be given to METAPIXEL’s partners for distribution, including gaming guilds and streamers.

Gran Saga: Unlimited 2nd Community Test Important Details

  • Estimated time of the 2nd Community Test: July
  • All 2nd Community Testers will receive 1 Mount NFT at the official launch of Gran Saga: Unlimited
  • All 2nd Community Testers are eligible for a Whitelist spot raffle of Catcha NFT (1,000 spots)
  • All people who successfully apply through the event page on METAPIXEL’s website are entered into the Catcha NFT raffle (total of 10 winners)

The 2nd Community Test of Gran Saga: Unlimited has been rescheduled from June to July, which is a little later than what was originally planned and announced. We apologize for the delay, but we want to give our team more time to prepare for the event and provide the best possible experience for players, especially with the increased scale of the test.

Stay tuned for the official announcement of the second round of testing to find out more about the content and features we’ll be bringing to the game.

We thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support. We will do our best to deliver the best gaming experience possible. See you in the 2nd Gran Saga: Unlimited test!

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