Gran Saga: Unlimited — 2nd Community Test Event Guide

Your complete guide to in-game events and important notices during the GSU 2nd Test

11 min readJul 4, 2023

W e would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has joined us for the second journey of Gran Saga: Unlimited. This second test will be an opportunity for us to showcase the game on a much larger scale, with thousands of testers and two weeks of playtime.

This second test not only allows our team to assess and improve the game but is also an important event related to the overall service roadmap for the official launch of Gran Saga: Unlimited. With this in mind, we are planning to share information about the future plans for Gran Saga: Unlimited to our community after the completion of the second test, around August.

Our team will make every effort to ensure that Gran Saga: Unlimited becomes a memorable game for many players for years to come.

Please continue to join us on our journey ahead!

Gran Saga: Unlimited Basic Game Guide

Please refer to the following link for a starter game guide covering basic setup for the 2nd test, such as game installation and basic gameplay/controls.

If you experience any other issues, please feel free to ask questions by joining the METAPIXEL Discord, our team will be more than happy to help you!

[Gran Saga: Unlimited Basic Guide For The 2nd Playtest]

Important Notices for the GSU 2nd Community Test

  • Gran Saga: Unlimited is a Windows PC game, and you can only test the game using a Windows PC. For detailed system requirements including hardware specs, please refer to the basic game guide or visit
  • In some countries with restrictions on blockchain game services, access to the game may be restricted based on IP. These countries include China and South Korea.
  • For the 2nd Community Test, please note that the game will be in English only.
  • However, you will be able to freely communicate in various languages in the in-game chat. Some languages may not be fully supported by the in-game language packs and may result in improper text display.
  • In-game progression data, such as character levels and items, from the 2nd Community Test will be reset after the end of the test, and will not be carried forward to future versions of the game.
  • However, both the Mount NFT given to players selected as official 2nd testers and the Squeezy rewards given as in-game event rewards will not disappear regardless of the conclusion of the 2nd test. This includes the Catcha NFT and whitelist provided through a lottery among applicants.
  • Mount NFTs given to the 8,000 testers, Catcha NFT rewards from raffle, Catcha whitelist, and Squeezy rewards from in-game events will be available to claim after the conclusion of the 2nd Community Test. Please wait for further announcements from the METAPIXEL team.
  • We will conduct an exit survey after the 2nd Community Test is finished. Your feedback will help us make the game even better during development, and we would appreciate your participation.

In-game Event Details

Event Period

All in-game events described in this guide take place throughout the duration of the GSU 2nd Community Test.

July 6, 2023, 2am — July 20, 2023, 2am (UTC+0)

Event #1 — The Supreme Raiders (16-player raids)

Event Description
Clear the Windshear Valley Raid and get a reward of custom merch!

According to Lilith, an area in Windshear Valley where unusually potent waves of force are converging has been discovered.

Given the magnitude of this power… it likely indicates the presence of an immensely powerful entity within. It appears to be a dungeon — perhaps even more than that — created with the sinister intent of destroying the Gran Saga world.

Even if you are an extraordinary adventurer, taking on and vanquishing such a formidable foe alone would be an overwhelming task. However… should you manage to assemble a group of trustworthy allies and triumph over it, that could mark a significant milestone on your path to becoming a System Agent.

Do you dare accept this challenge?

During the 2nd Community Test, we’re unveiling a 16-player raid dungeon that requires at least 30 minutes of playtime. This exceptionally challenging dungeon is designed with our highest-skilled players in mind, but we encourage everyone to join in, experience the adrenaline rush, and brave the challenge of successfully completing it!

How to Participate

1) Reach Level 30

2) Enter the Wind Corridor through a green portal at the Windshear Temple in the Windshear Valley

3) Gather raiders and clear the raid with your friends!

How to join a 16-player Raid

1) Any player who wants to create a raid party should enter the raid dungeon individually, without being a member of any other party.

2) You can invite other players to the raid, by finding their character’s nickname in either the chat window or the Clan Member list. After identifying them, right-clicking the mouse will activate the ‘Invite to Raid’ button. Proceed with the invitation.

3) When the invited player accepts your invitation, they can join you and challenge the raid dungeon together.

Adventurers unite, and conquer the formidable challenges of the raid dungeon!

Event Rewards
Custom ‘Raider’ Hoodie

In honor of the ‘Supreme Raider,’ we’ve prepared a unique reward for those extraordinary players who conquer the intense challenges and triumph over the raid during this testing period! As a testament to your remarkable achievement, we intend to design and send you a unique, limited edition ‘Raider’ hoodie, adorned with your nickname and a bespoke design.

Seize the opportunity to obtain a unique, bespoke hoodie, featuring your player nickname — a symbol of triumph that’s exclusively yours!


  • For those eligible to receive event prizes, we will need to collect personal information for delivery purposes. Related instructions will be sent to the email address associated with the METAPIXEL account of the game character who has completed the event mission.
  • If an email address is not registered to a prize recipient’s METAPIXEL account, we will request those players who have accomplished the event mission to add an email address to their Metapixel accounts when we announce the list of successful players.
  • Please be aware that if you do not agree to the collection of personal information for prize delivery, or if an email is not registered to the METAPIXEL account of an event winner for more than seven days after notification, or if we do not receive a response to the information requested for delivery within seven days of sending the email, your prize delivery may be canceled.
  • Please note that even if you have been selected as a recipient, delivery of the prize may not be possible in some regions (such as conflict zones) where delivery is not feasible.

Event #2 — Reach Lv 30 & Get Your Squeezies!

Event Description
Participate in the 2nd Community Test of Gran Saga: Unlimited and reach Level 30 with your character!

How to Participate
Reach character level 30 before the end of the 2nd Community Test (July 20th)

Event Rewards
Squeezy x5

What is a Squeezy?
Squeezy is a ‘special food’ that can grow your Catcha, the membership NFT of the METAPIXEL ecosystem. Utilize Squeezy to upgrade your Catcha and enjoy amplified benefits within the ecosystem!

Event #3 — Monster Busters!

Event Description
The NPC ‘Chonky Cat Cheese’ in Ragnadea is seeking adventurers to vanquish the monsters that are causing disturbances in the world of Gran Saga. Gather materials by defeating designated boss monsters or monsters at level 25 and above, and bring them to ‘Chonky Cat Cheese’ to receive various Mounts as rewards!

How to Participate

1) Claiming Uncommon, Rare, Epic Mounts

- Defeat designated boss monsters(refer to the table below) to obtain material items. Collect 10 items and bring them to the NPC ‘Chonky Cat Cheese’ located near the fountain in ‘Ragnadea.’ Chonky Cat Cheese will exchange the material items for Mounts corresponding to each grade (Uncommon, Rare, Epic).

- Each boss guarantees a 100% drop rate for the material items.

- Upon exchanging the material items, Chonky Cat Cheese will provide a randomly selected Mount matching the rarity grade.

2) Claiming Legendary Mounts

- Defeat monsters Lv 25 and above to collect “Daniel PFP” items. Collect 99 items and bring them to the NPC “Chonky Cat Cheese” located near the fountain in Ragnadea. Chonky Cat Cheese will exchange the items for Legendary Grade Mounts.

- The “Daniel PFP Item” has a rare drop rate when defeating monsters at Lv 25 and above.

- Upon exchanging the Daniel PFP items, Chonky Cat Cheese will allow you to select a Legendary Mount of your choice.

Event Rewards
Special in-game Mounts


The Mount items acquired during this event are exclusive to the 2nd Community Test and can only be used within the test period. Please note that these special Mount items will expire once the test concludes.

Event #4 — Nathan’s Gift from the Rift

Event Description
Nathan the Game Director has opened his unlimited digital wardrobe for players! But of course he doesn’t give them away for free. Defeat any Rift Boss to obtain a “Nathan PFP” item. Collect 4 of them and bring them to the NPC Chonky Cat Cheese in Ragnadea, who will exchange them for a Random Outfit Chest.

Isn’t this a nice opportunity to dress yourself up for the screenshot contest in Event #6?

How to Participate

  1. Go to any Rift Dungeon and defeat the boss monster. Upon defeating the Rift boss, you will receive a guaranteed drop of a “Nathan PFP” item (100% drop rate).
  2. Collect 4 “Nathan PFP” items.
  3. Bring 4 Nathan PFP items to Chonky Cat Cheese in Ragnadea (near the fountain) to exchange them for a Random Outfit Chest.

About Rift Dungeons

  • Rift Dungeons are difficult dungeons where a carefully assembled party composition is recommended.
  • In the 2nd Community Test, there will be a total of 4 Rift Dungeons:
    - Goblin Looters
    - Fallen Fox King
    - Pigor Fortress
    - Cursed King’s Chamber
  • Please note that you cannot obtain Nathan PFP items in Cube Dungeons and 16-player Raids!


- The Random Outfit Chest contains over 1000 different items! These Outfit items are categorized into two grades, but they do not provide any gameplay advantages and are purely cosmetic.

Event #5— Clans Unite!

Event Description
A clan embodies the memories, hard work, and bonds its members have built within the world of Gran Saga. As a tribute to the top five Clans that demonstrate the most remarkable unity during the 2nd Community Test of Gran Saga: Unlimited, we will award them the privilege of retaining their clan names, created during this test period, upon our official launch.

Donate gold to your clan and help your clan gather the most donation points!

How to Participate
1) Donate Gold to Your Clan Vault.
2) Rank with your Clan in the Top 5 on the Clan leaderboard

Event Rewards
The clan leaders of the top five-ranked clans will be granted the right to continue using their respective clan names upon release.

- Clan rankings are determined based on the amount of Gold donated to the Clan Vault.
- Only members belonging to a Clan can donate Gold to their Clan.
- You can check the Clans ranked at the top through the in-game menu.
- The Clan names ranked in the Top 5 will be preserved after the conclusion of the GSU 2nd Community Test, and only the Clan leader of that Clan will have the authority to create it upon official release. (Permission to use the Clan name will be granted based on the Clan leader’s game account.)

Event #6 — Screenshot Contest: Show off the world of GSU!

Event Description
Awaken your inner photographer and capture a screenshot that beautifully represents the world of Gran Saga: Unlimited. Share your masterpiece on Twitter for a chance to win a special GSU pillow! A total of 5 artists will be selected.

How to Participate

1) Take an in-game screenshot that best showcases the world of Gran Saga: Unlimited by composing your shot with your character in combination with scenery, objects and other players/NPCs..

2) Share your screenshot on Twitter and use the hashtag #GranSagaUnlimited (the hashtag is mandatory for participation).

3) Leave the URL of your tweet in the #best-selfie-contest channel in the METAPIXEL Discord server.

Event Rewards
Special Gran Saga: Unlimited pillow

How do we choose the winner?
Daniel, Nathan, Joseph, Suh, and Lucas from METAPIXEL will select a piece of artwork that best captures the world of Gran Saga: Unlimited through an internal voting process (with some special commentary!)


  • Entries selected as winners may be used on METAPIXEL’s Twitter and other platforms without prior notice.
  • Winners will be notified through METAPIXEL’s Discord and Twitter.
  • Collection of winner’s personal information is required for the delivery, and winners will be asked to respond to Discord ticket creation requests for relevant instructions and collecting shipping information.
  • Failure to agree to the collection of personal information for prize delivery or no response to shipping information requests for 7 days or more may result in the cancellation of the prize delivery.
  • Please note that even if you have been selected as a recipient, delivery of the prize may not be possible in some regions (such as conflict zones) where delivery is not feasible.
  • The overall expenses for shipping will be covered by the METAPIXEL team.

Additional Information

Players who earned ‘Pioneer’ status by reaching level 15 during the 1st Community Test will be given the ‘Pioneer’ title within the game during the 2nd Community Test.

See you soon!

We fundamentally believe that players like you are the ones who make our gamesunder development even more special. We have prepared this test with utmost care to ensure that your valuable time as testers is filled with enjoyment. Please enjoy this test to the fullest. We always welcome suggestions and feedback to make the game even better, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us on the METAPIXEL Discord.

Thank you for joining us on our journey and see you in Ragnadea!

Official Links

METAPIXEL Website: METAPIXEL: the Complete Gaming Metaverse
METAPIXEL Twitter: METAPIXEL (@Metapixel) / Twitter
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