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23 min readJan 29, 2023

METAPIXEL conducted our first official community AMA in our Discord server on 01/29/2023, hosted by our Community Manager Suh and Business Director Joseph. Thank you to everyone who attended and asked questions! We will be doing more AMAs soon so stay tuned!

Below is a full text recap of the AMA, including questions submitted by the community and answers!

Please note that this is not a direct transcript and some text has been edited for the sake of clarity and/or brevity. A full AMA recording will be posted to our YouTube channel soon!

Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions

Suh: Hello and welcome to METAPIXEL’s first AMA!

I’m Suh, the METAPIXEL community manager, and Joseph, METAPIXEL’s Business Director, will be joining me to answer all of your questions! Thank you to everyone who submitted questions, we’ll get to them shortly.

We will also be having a free question and answer section after we answer your pre-submitted questions so stick around if you have another question you want to ask.

Before we get started with the questions we chose, we want to do a quick lightning round to answer some of the more frequently asked basic questions:

1. Will GSU be on mobile/other platforms?
No mobile version is planned right now as we are focusing on the Windows PC launch and version of GSU, and making the best possible PC experience.

2. What use will the GSU OAT have?
We are using the OAT as an indicator of early community supporters, and for people who want to be among the very first people to try GSU, having the OAT will benefit you.

3. Wen token wen WL wen airdrop?
METAPIXEL currently has no fungible token, be wary of scams. We are not operating a typical WL style campaign for GSU. Airdrops will also not be used in the typical method of other projects, be wary of scams claiming to be METAPIXEL airdrops.

4. Wen game?
The first round of testing starts end of Q1 this year, and GSU is planned to launch later this year. We also have projects in the pipeline that will be revealed at the Seoul Aptos Hack starting on the 1st of February.

Another note, the crew3 Quest keyword for AMA attendance will be revealed at the end of AMA. Now Joseph has some things he wants to say so I’ll let him speak.

Joseph: Hi METAPIXEL community!.

My name is Joseph and I’m leading our Business operations here in the METAPIXEL team and we’re super excited to host our first AMA here with our community and happy to answer our community’s questions during the session as Suh mentioned, more than 150 questions were submitted throughout the community but we’ve selected around 20 interesting questions to cover during our first session because of the limitation of time.

So after covering these questions, we will also be answering additional free questions from the AMA participants as well so please stick to our session and shall we move on.

Suh: Yep, let’s get straight into the submitted questions.

Pre-submitted Questions

1. NFTAndromeda#4012 asked: What are you planing to do with the Crew3 Quest ? / How will the GSU OAT be used?

Joseph: Crew3 XP will be used as one way to measure METAPIXEL community members’ contributions. Our upcoming first round of tester selection will feature Crew3 XP as a factor, for instance and having the GSU OAT will be another. We’ve also got other methods to integrate Crew3 XP planned with other types of rewards available such as special Discord roles.and future WL opportunities.

2. DorAD#2614 asked: Could you share with the community what is your game’s inspiration? To which games can the fighting mechanics, leveling system and other aspects of the game (char. customization) be compared?

Joseph: GSU is taking a different route than the original Gran Saga, so GSU will fall in line with the classic PC MMORPG experience while drawing from the same IP as Gran Saga.

While we are aiming to make GSU a unique and singular experience, for ease of understanding some references we can point players to are other leading PC MMORPGs in terms of gameplay.

3. tadaneko#8027 asked: Hello. GSU is my most anticipated web3 game. How many different languages are available to choose from at launch? I am Japanese and it is difficult for me to read quests and storylines if everything is in English.

Joseph: During the testing period GSU will only be available in English but GSU is planned to launch with other languages besides English, we will monitor player data and assess which language packs we need to launch with. Later on we will be able to add more language packs as needed too.

4. ちゃんべえ#5592 asked: I would like to know METAPIXEL’s thoughts on this, as I believe that in order to get into the game and sustain the in-game economy, players need to compete and fight with each other, not just get along with their friends. If you agree, what mechanisms do you implement in the GSU? From Japan.

Joseph: I 100% agree with you that it is necessary to provide players with multiple ways to compete and fight each other, both among indiviudal players or groups to sustain the economy and fun in the game. However, as with most classical MMORPGs, free for all/completely open PvP aka PKing, will not be the basis for gameplay.

There are no plans to force users to engage in competition to collaborate, solve problems, communicate, and build relationships with other players. However, content and systems for users who feel a sense of accomplishment through competition will exist separately.

We will provide content that can satisfy both ways of interacting with other players. For example, content such as Realm Wars, which are conducted with great rewards among the top-ranked clans within each Realm, is not content that ordinary players must participate in. However, in order for one’s Realm to win, indirect participation may be selectively made within each Realm in a way that helps produce more resources through wider cooperation.

Therefore, users who want to reach higher places through competition and those who want to grow through cooperation and communication will experience different play cycles.

5. dwa#4001 asked: I enjoyed playing mmorpg game a lot when I was a student. But since I became an adult, I spent less time investing in games per day, and I often gave up games in the mmorpg genre even if it was fun. Therefore, for users who don’t have as much time to play, do you have any content or system that can compensate for these shortcomings of the mmorpg genre?

I wonder if you are thinking of introducing the auto system in the game, and to what extent will you apply the auto system if you are thinking of introducing it? (ex. Automatic hunting, automatic potion)

Joseph: 1) We are fully aware that there are players with different behavior patterns in games. There will definitely be content that can be cleared only by spending a lot of time and effort on game play, but light and more casual players who do not have such a play pattern will also receive content so that they can fully enjoy our game. For example, there will be ways to complete tasks and gameplay that are updated daily and can be completed in a relatively small amount of time, and to deploy content that requires more time as weekly tasks. In addition, although it is an area that requires sophisticated balancing, the following is also being considered. For example, we are discussing preventing exponential differences between users who play an hour a day and users who play two hours a day by maintaining a lower difference ,rather than always doubling the speed and scale of growth.

2) In the case of GSU, it is designed to provide fun through the experience of directly manipulating the game, interacting with other users, and actually playing it. Therefore, we are not currently considering systems such as automatic quests or automatic crafting.

6. LilCrazy#9169 asked: Hello! I have questions about the team mode (clans): 1) How will achievements be distributed within the clan, i.e. if you and the clan found some super rare item, then who will own it. Or, for example, eliminated a difficult enemy, how will the experience be distributed within the clan 2) Will the clan have a limit on the number of participants? If not, won’t it lead to the monopoly of one clan, which will be the largest?

Joseph: 1) Items dropped in GSU are individual by default. The common level reward for defeating difficult enemies from content played as a small party goes to all participants, but special rewards (e.g. high-end items that are randomly dropped with very low probability) are decided by the owner at the time of drop. However, we are reviewing the distribution method through random chance when it comes to large numbers of people.

2) The Clan (in-game guild) will have a cap of members. The size of the limit will be determined through continuous testing.

7. KANT1742#7406 asked: What privileges will guilds have? It’s important, because those guilds literally destroyed Genopets by obtaining large supply of one of the main unit (lands) for VERY cheap

Joseph: We are being very judicious in how we will work with guilds. We are very aware of the risks that large amounts of net value extractors present to games and ecosystems, and are looking for alternative, more strategic ways to work with such organisations, any partnerships will be structured in a way that won’t harm or affect the game balance and economy. In addition, our game design and token design will mitigate the ability of mercenary players to extract value at scale in the way that they have in other games.

8. Yuuki#6597 asked: How will Gran Saga Unlimited stand out from other MMORPGs that implemented NFTs/Tokens like Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds and MIR4? How does NPIXEL plan to capture gamer’s attention post-mint?

Joseph: METAPIXEL is thinking a lot about how to provide the core fun of a game in GSU and provide an accessible experience for all. Therefore, we are basically aiming for free-to-play, and we are thinking about creating many features to make it easier for users to enjoy playing and trade assets such as game items. In addition to simple trading activities, various in-game information such as reinforcement of items using dynamic NFT, synthesis, and issuance of NFT-based game items will be provided seamlessly on-chain.

One of the reasons we focus on MMORPG gameplay is that trading assets through the gray market with other users has become very common in the existing game market, and from this point of view, GSU has the advantage of acquiring item assets and making it easier to own and trade assets. So basically, users who enjoy games within metapixel can freely trade their in-game assets as NFTs with other users to generate revenue within the market. However, in order to create a sustainable reward structure, our team will allocate the amount of rewards that can be returned to server members according to the pool of sales generated in the game and the activity of the game server (such as NFT’s generation index).

Based on this reward pool, players can obtain additional rewards for play if conditions are met. Players will be able to obtain a number of items as NFTs through gameplay, which will remove as much barriers to new entry as possible (there won’t really be a mint that gates gameplay like other web3 games). Even if you are a new player, there will be various opportunities to get good equipment or items through various gameplay methods in the game.

9. 1mpal#1766 asked: We are most curious about how we will improve the image formed by Grand Saga in the past. Because this game basically requires web2 capital and gamers.

I’m a columnist. When I asked what web2 gamers thought while talking about Npixel making web3 games, they didn’t understand easily. Still, the web3 element is an unfamiliar concept for established gamers. I wonder how you intend to make ready-made gamers approach and understand the ecosystem of BMs and in-game variable NFT drops that METAPIXEL will provide.

This is because Web3 is not just a user-friendly operation. Most web3 game projects avoid questions about web2 onboarding. And I’m sure all of those projects will fail, so I’d like to hear Metapixel’s ambition or strategy in a separate place, even if it’s not during the AMA.

Joseph: Making a comfortable experience for users is one of our top priorities, we’re developing new and innovative technical concepts that will make onboarding easier. Our platform lead has written an article exploring our methods which will be released on our medium soon. Our developers are focused on dealing with common pain points such as gas fees and other obstacles in UX that will benefit web2 and web3 users. Our goal is to make a platform that web2 users can pick up and use immediately.

Our platform team has been working diligently on this issue and we’re releasing a medium article soon that covers our strategy and some technical details. For example, NFT trading in our game can be provided more like regular game item trading experience using in-game embedded marketplace, making them feel like trading gaming items in web2 games.

But I think there should be some ways to bring these blockchain layer transactions with gaming narratives. We know that there are around 1M+ gamers in web3 spaces, but still there’s billions of gamers still remaining on web2. And we don’t think it would happen just to provide more easy ways to get NFTs or tokens. But onboaring regular gamers can’t only be achieved by ourselves since there are more bars such as KYC in exchanges, regulations, etc. So we need to focus more to get rid of the exsistng obstacles to make actual gamers feel more comfortable during their gaming journey on METAPIXEL.

And our ultimate goal on Web3 is to eliminate the term ‘web3’ in our game so that regular web2 gamers can just enjoy the game itself, not getting worried about how blockchain or other technology layer works. I think these answer may not be 100% clear yet, but we will keep delivering the details how we are planning to form gaming experience inside our ecosystem.

10. MrBraooni#4059 asked: Tell us more about system agents: will they be game validators of the network; will they have any additional obligations, in the form of a stack of coins or nft, and how will you ensure the security, trust and honesty of agents? How will you or the system control them? thank you, we love you!

Joseph: A system agent is a title and a special role earned only by a special minority of players within the GSU world. The permissions and abilities that system agents will be granted are being fine tuned and adjusted. However, it presupposes the following principles.

1) Periodic decision-making participation by system agents will take place to shape the direction of Realms within the game
2) Any authority shall apply only to the Realm in which the System Agent is granted their role.
3) System agent permissions have a limited time period, and a new system agent is put in place after each period.

The description of the System Agent will be continuously updated and shared with the community before the release of GSU

11. HuntUdown#2216 asked: How will you guys integrate blockchain technology into your game in a deeper meaning? I know the very common answer which is true ownership but what else besides that?

Joseph: Our Head of Web3 Lucas has outlined other use cases we are looking to implement — such as using blockchain data to create immutable economic data which serves as a strong foundation for game economy and design.

We’re also planning to use blockchain functions more directly in gameplay and user experience, such as our Proof of Play mechanism, whereby player inputs can affect things such as NFT drop rates. Various in-game features such as reinforcement of items using dynamic/composable NFTs, synthesis, and issuance of NFT-based game items will be provided seamlessly on-chain.

12. MIRNFT#0207 asked: Hello team. Question about the selected blockchain Aptos. I have carefully studied the information in all the articles. But I am concerned about the issue of reliability and sustainability. How will you fight bots (botmasters)? I’m worried about situation like what happened one year ago with Polygon blockchain, bots playing Sunflower Farmers game with huge amount of requests, put the whole blockchain down.

Joseph: In the case of Aptos, they are also aware of the issue that there may be problems created by bot transactions and heavy usage due to features such as low gas costs. In this regard, we are also considering various preventive measures with the technical team to prevent damage caused by bot transactions on our end. Regarding network stability issues, the Aptos chain is designed to withstand 160,000 TPS and scale better than Polygon, and we will collaborate with the aptos team on whether it can be technically supplemented through related discussions before the release of the game.

We are fully considering this concern and will disclose some of the various concerns that can be solved through technical articles later.

13. zaychez#0894 asked: Will it be possible to transfer NFT items, such as a shield or a sword, from one game to another? Have you considered such an idea?

Joseph: We are planning an interconnected ecosystem with our platform and games, so we’re definitely looking into ways to create an IP universe and allow players to utilize NFTs in this way, keep an eye out on our roadmap announcement at the Seoul Aptos Hack soon.

14. joker22#5977 asked: Will there be an internal browser in the game to connect the wallet and transfer your NFT there? Will there be partner wallets or all available wallets on Aptos to connect to the internal browser?

Joseph: We haven’t made super concrete decisions, but we are preparing some modules to connect wallet and trade NFT within gameplay.

We are working on our own platform with specialized UI and UX that will be more seamless for players. Non-custodial wallets such as Petra have a difficult UX for gamers. This is why METAPIXEL is preparing a social login based wallet.

However there is no easy way to integrate it with “all available wallets on Aptos” so the team is still working on developing it. But still, we are trying to make our users to use their pre-created web3 wallets in our games too — to make web3 native users feel more comfortable

15. trungbepx#8638 asked: As a blockchain game, how can you reduce the power gap between rich players and free players and can still create attractiveness for in-game items?

Joseph: While players who spend money will receive certain advantages such as unique cosmetics and items that increase convenience, GSU’s game design and mechanics will reduce the impact of pure purchasing power and players will also need to rely on skill, knowledge and teamwork to be effective. Players who invest time and effort into the game.and hone their skills will be able to hold their own, obtain powerful items through gameplay and enjoy their experience in the game. We are carefully balancing incentives for paying vs. overall game balance.

16. teenu4#9752 asked: Looking back at web3 games from the past, if in-game items (NFTs) were priced in tokens instead of stablecoins, sometimes prices changed significantly because of market conditions. Don’t you agree that this is wrong and players from web2 games don’t have such problems? For example, famous web2 games from Valve: CSGO, Dota — have fixed prices on skins in fiat currencies. Do you consider using stablecoins on Aptos for GSU in-game items? Thanks!

Joseph: In regards to our B2C (business to customer) store we will be denominating all item prices in fiat/stablecoins, so the effect of fluctuations in token prices can be avoided.

For player to player trading we won’t have any control over this and it is up to players to set and trade at their own determined prices.

17. kkyss#5310 asked: Proof of Play- I don’t understand the word that the drop system of game items resembles Bitcoin hashrate. Are you saying that the harder many players play for the purpose of obtaining NFT, the lower the probability that each player will get NFT ?

Joseph: To clarify, the Proof of Play mechanism is used for on-chain transparency. Since we are developing games leveraged by blockchain tech, there are many options that we could implement and this is one of the key logic that we are trying to use.

We think that there are some differences between chain created from each block time, or hash and game items. Because most of the game items can be created, or can be break during gameplay when players do some item upgrades or enchants. We are using Proof of play mechanisms to provide transparency in terms of item creation / drop probability.

Proof of play will be used to limit the supply of NFT items, so we as developers can set the desired number and time horizon that items will be obtainable over. We can set the fixed quantiy, time period and schedule. In effect, this will make items more or less challenging to obtain depending on the input of players and system agents, all with publicly available and trackable data. It is one possible scenario that the harder many players play for the purpose of obtaining a particular type of NFT, the lower the probability that each player will get that NFT.

We will be sharing more details during the Aptos Hack event with the presentation, but basically we think it will be possible for us to use gameplay inputs from gamers — such as exact time of content completion in milliseconds, or trials made from other players to obtain rare items.

Entire quantity will be fixed in certain items, and we are trying to provide dynamic balancing using proof of play algorithms.

18. MasaMoon#8231 asked: In all previous Web3 games, a few players made a lot of money, tokens were dumped, and when the betting stopped, players withdrew one after another. If the element of earning is to be eliminated, one could argue that people should just enjoy traditional games instead of playing Web3 games, which require a lot of time and effort and cost. What are your plans for the future and how do you plan to maintain the economy and players? I expect Metapixel to be a game changer.

Joseph: Thanks for your comment. Our team thinks that previous web3 games — or the games said they are web3 games — provided the gameplay by means of earning some tokens. But definitely, game should carry it’s own value by providing fun to gamers. And the earning should be given as a result of any effort made by gamers during their gameplay.

The reason why we are focusing on MMO first is, players from web2 is even familiar with the game item trades through the grey market — such as eBays or other item trading marketplaces. But still these kind of trades were tricky since they couldn’t clearly prove the transactions transparently — and this might be a good opportunity to implement blockchain into games. So basically players in METAPIXEL can easily trade their gaming assets, based on supply and demand through the marketplace to get some profit with their acquired assets.

Also, there are some additional direct reward provided by game system — such as ranking rewards or periodic achievements. We are trying to replunish reward pool for each game server from the revenue made by games, and checking the activeness of each game server. To provide sustainable reward pool, we definitely thinks that there should be some revenue stream inside games and we are trying to support our players continuously with these logic.

19. Soyeong#6941 asked: Will there be any upcoming plans for monetization and revenue generation in Gran Saga: Unlimited, and how they will be implemented in a player-friendly way?

Joseph: Naturally we have plans to generate revenue and monetize by selling items and other methods to create a sustainable game service for Unlimited. However, the overall business model will be quite different from the business model of Web2/mobile games.

Products that affect the power balance in the game will be very limited, and most of the ability-based items are aimed at enabling acquisition through gameplay. Of course, there are items that require a lot of time to be obtained in the play process, and there are items with only a limited number issued in the game. To achieve this, game players can efficiently save time by purchasing or trading other items if needed.

However, some of the revenue generated through monetization will be used as a reward pool in the game, and through this, users who have played hard or display a higher degree of mastery than the competition can receive sustainable rewards while the game is in service.

20. EleutheriaBased#5016 asked: By reading the articles on Medium about your vision, it’s clear you believe WEB3 is the next phase in the gaming industry’s evolution. What is METAPIXEL’s plan to attract big audiences outside of WEB3 (web2 audience) for WEB3’s gaming mass adoption?

Joseph: Firstly, we’re focused on making a high-quality game that can stand toe to toe with any game in the web2 market, so GSU would be something people would enjoy playing even without web3, we’re not comparing ourselves to other web3 projects but all projects as our standard.

Second, we’re developing new and innovative technical concepts that will make onboarding easier. Our platform lead has written an article exploring our methods which will be released on our medium soon. Our developers are focused on dealing with common pain points such as gas fees and other obstacles in UX that will benefit web2 and web3 users. Our goal is to make a platform that web2 users can pick up and use immediately.

Third, we have prior experience in making games with mass appeal and have a strong IP in Gran Saga to utilize. We will leverage these factors to compel web2 users to try our games and increase player retention. We realize it’s a complex matter to bring web2 users to our ecosystem with a lot of other factors but these are the pillars of our strategy.

Free Question and Answer Session

BrennerLena#9658 asked: You could have developed this game as a Web2 game. I saw the trailer and looks amazing. Why did you actually decide to make this game in web3? Actually it will be maybe more complicated to to find more players because it’s for most for a lot of people, still something new, why have you decided to develop it as Web3 and what advantages do you see to this?

Joseph: For the question that you have mentioned before, I think like the reason why we are heading into the web3 is because I think it’s an unstoppable trend, in terms of web3, I feel it’s something similar to the time period when PC game focus switched to mobile before.

So basically, previously we have web2 games that have been really doing well, we’re doing fine on the previous gaming market, but still we strongly believe that there are new opportunities when it comes to web3 games and using the blockchain layer.

So basically there were some of the obstacles for some of the game assets and operating the game itself, because all the information and the details were hidden by the game developers.

But by leveraging web3 technology we can provide and thus receive many benefits like connecting the real worth for players to maintain and use their assets inside the game.And even they can use them in other marketplaces using the NFT tech. With NFT/Blockchain technology we think that it can be possible to connect other games and connecting our games into an IP universe more easily. So that’s the basic concept that we’re facing with web3.

And like you said it’s a bit tricky to just implement/introduce these features instead of a game directly, so that’s the reason we are leveraging the well known Gran Saga IP and creating a whole new gaming experiences.

So the previous web3 games have been only appealing to investors or web3 native players. But I think this this can be another opportunity to provide some real gaming narratives using a polished version of web3 technology to give a more enhanced experience to actual gamers. So that’s the reason why we’re using web3 technology in conjunction with the Gran Saga IP.

But we’ll also keep providing some new games related to METAPIXEL’s range of gaming IPs to provide more different types of games as well.

BrennerLena#9658 asked: Okay can I ask another question? I see now that a lot of games have KYC. Are you planning to do that and if not how do you want to fight against the bots and multi accounts and so on?

Joseph: Actually I think we cannot really 100% avoid all these potential issues even with KYC so other methods are needed too, including technical safeguards and game/economy design. But still I think one of the reasons why most of the previous factory-style games are facing the multi account issue is because it’s too easy for bots to obtain assets in the game.

So basically we are trying to provide more complex gameplay in an MMORPG experience inside GSU. So even if they create multiple accounts inside our game they still need to commit a human level of interactive time and effort.

So we will be considering also how we can actually sustain our gaming economy against the effect of bots and multi accounts too. But still we will be focusing on the game and focus on the gameplay itself.

And since the entire game design is not really related to just mindlessly grinding for some tokens they need actually need to engage in actual game play and participate in game content. So even the players are keep possibly like creating a new account. They need to like actually put more effort in the gameplay as well.

ICYong#3965 asked: Is this game free to play and do I need to buy anything to play? And can you explain more about the crew3 points? And how do I become a tester?

Joseph: Actually we’re designing our game as a fully free to play game because we don’t really want our players to have to buy NFTs to access and play the game at all.

Crew3 XP will be used as one way to measure METAPIXEL community members’ contributions. Our upcoming first round of tester selection will feature Crew3 XP as a factor, for instance and having the GSU OAT will be another. We’ve also got other methods to integrate Crew3 XP planned with other types of rewards available such as special Discord roles.and future WL opportunities.

So we will be providing different types of games through our platform too later so you be able get some more opportunities to get some benefitsin the future like getting selected for WL or selected as a tester or getting some Discord roles.

For testers we will announce full details but it will be pretty much about how active community members are in our community such as crew3 XP and the GSU OAT, and how much they have accomplished.

Charlieaz#1291 asked: What is being prepared for the community before GSU testing starts?

Joseph: Yeah we are planning some more community related events prior to the game launch. So it’s not really only related to the selection of testers. But still since we cannot really allow everyone to participate in our first community test we will be expanding more and more during our game launch journey to everyone.

So we will provide some more events for users to participate before the game launch. So it can be other like methods to obtain some NFTs or some Discord roles. And we will be giving some benefits when we launch our games or when we release new titles.

e99243506bigplay__#9805 asked: Would you support Linux OS running this game?

Joseph: Right now we are focusing on the Windows PC launch and version of GSU, and making the best possible PC experience but in the future it is something we can look at.

fairu90 ♒#7550 asked: I wanted to ask about having your own site where you can craft things, weapons, potions, grow vegetables, restore health and mana etc.

I think there are some options right now to craft weapons or other equipment related stuff but at launch it won’t be fully like other open world MMORPG games where players can craft eveything by themselves. So there will be some options to participate in crafting and other activities by users during their gameplay. But we will be keep adding some more content related to that according to feedback from our community.

follow future nft#1558 asked: Hi can you please show your trailer for game?

Jospeh: We’ve posted multiple gameplay sneak peeks and trailers through our Twitter, YouTube and other community channels so please check them out.

For more, we will keep posting related videos in both our Discord and our Twitter too.


Suh: It’s near the end of the AMA, so I’m going to announce the attendance confirmation word - the word is “unlimited” all in lower case. Thank you all for attending and listening to our AMA. We really appreciate your participation and enthusiasm and finally, I’m going to let Joseph do the outro, so thanks once again and see you later.

Joseph: Yeah, thank you for your participation in our first AMA it was a totally pleasure to cover our community members’ questions and I would have liked to cover more but I think there will be another chance to do some more AMAs in the near future. So we will be consistently doing these and we’re aiming to deliver more details regarding our upcoming titles, projects and roadmap and so on.

So as we announced before we are participating in tomorrow’s Move Monday with Aptos Labs and co-hosting Aptos Seoul Hack events here in Seoul. So some more stuff about METAPIXEL will be coming out during the event sessions. So don’t miss the events as well, and as mentioned before, we will be continuously organizing AMAs within our community.

But if you have any other questions regarding the project, please feel free to contact our team or moderators and community members in our channels and thanks again for your participation and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Bye and thanks!

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