Read a full text recap of our third community AMA about Gran Saga: Unlimited, Catcha and the upcoming 2nd Community Test!

24 min readApr 15, 2023

METAPIXEL conducted our third official community AMA in our Discord server on 15/04/2023, hosted by our Community Manager Suh, METAPIXEL Planner/Designer Sapsal and Head of GSU Studio Daniel. Thank you to everyone who attended and asked questions! We will be doing more AMAs soon so stay tuned!

The theme for this AMA was Gran Saga: Unlimited and our upcoming 2nd Community Test!

Below is a full text recap of the AMA, including questions submitted by the community and answers!

Please note that this is not a direct transcript and some text has been edited for the sake of clarity and/or brevity.


Hello and welcome to the 3rd official METAPIXEL Discord AMA. I’m Suh the METAPIXEL Community Manager and I will be joined by the Head of GSU Studio Daniel and METAPIXEL Planner/Designer Sapsal for this AMA.

With the recent announcement for tester recruitment in the 2nd Community Test of Gran Saga Unlimited and the conclusion of the 1st Community Test, we thought it was the perfect time to hold another AMA. We’ll be running this AMA in a similar format to the previous event with an FAQ section to address some of the most commonly asked basic questions, then the AMA section with selected questions from the community and then finally we’ll be closing with a free Q&A session where listeners can ask questions to Daniel and Sapsal directly.

We will also be revealing the confirmation word for the Zealy Quest for AMA Attendance at the end.

Before we get started I’ll let Daniel and Sapsal introduce themselves:

Hi everyone! I’m Daniel, the head of GSU studio. I’m developing GSU with Nathan, as you all know, the game director, and other developers from last year. I’m so excited to attend the AMA for the first time. I’ve read all questions submitted, and it was really great to find all your interest on METAPIXEL and GSU. I will answer several of the questions related to GSU which I can answer, I hope your questions are cleared by this AMA. Thank you!

Hey, this is Sapsal, also known as Kate. Just for your information, Sapsal is the name of my favorite dog breed native to Korea. Anyway, I’m so excited and also very nervous to stand on stage in front of you for the first time. Happy to meet you all!

Suh introduced me as the Planner and Designer of METAPIXEL. Yes, that’s correct, but to explain a bit more about what I’m doing here: I plan ahead, organize, and solve things happening at METAPIXEL together with my teammates of the Meta Business Team, and I also write design documents and translate text whenever needed. So I’m pretty much involved in everything — remember, whatever we do at METAPIXEL, I’m behind it and watching you.

Disclaimer: I’ve been suffering from a cold for the past few days. Even though I’m getting better, I still have symptoms so please don’t be too surprised if I suddenly turn off my mic and disappear for 5 seconds. I’m probably coughing or cleaning my nose. Thank you for your kind understanding. In the case of emergency where I’m coughing to death I’ll ask Suh for help and have him replace me. Wish me luck.


Thank you, so here are some of the frequently asked questions that we want to get out of the way first for this AMA:

Tokens: There are absolutely 0 plans for METAPIXEL to launch its own fungible token. Please be wary of any scams relating to this.

Rewards for 2nd test: You can find the full details in our Tester Recruitment announcement which I’ll link in the chat now. There will be an NFT reward for everyone who participates in the test, all 8000 testers will receive a Mount NFT which they can use in-game. Then there will be a draw of 1000 WL spots for the upcoming Catcha NFT mint from all testers.

Wen official launch: Previously there was an image circulating from the Seoul Aptos Hack event earlier this year that showed Q3 of 2023 as the launch window of GSU. However, there was a reason we never officially confirmed this or publicly shared it, as it was intended as a rough estimate to provide to a limited audience of Aptos event attendees. In short, we don’t have a fixed date for the full launch of GSU, the general idea right now is towards the end of 2023 but it is still variable according to many factors and may end up being shifted to another launch window, but we will update our community as development progresses. Another thing to note is that are not planning a concurrent global release, we will launch in some regions first before expanding to others.

2nd test details: The 2nd test will commence in early July, with the recruitment process lasting from April to mid June. There are 5 ways to become a tester and become one of the 8000 GSU 2nd Community Test players!

For full details, you can refer to the Tester Recruitment announcement.

AMA Questions

Are all items, equipment, and mounts that are acquired treated as NFTs when they are acquired? Or is there a process to convert them to NFT? How do I buy and sell them?
(1) Can $APT or other crypto be used to buy and sell NFTs in-game?
(2) Will it be possible to trade on other NFT platforms (like Topaz, for example)?
I look forward to the next test.

Within GSU only valuable, rare items will be treated as NFTs. There will be a process of converting in-game items to NFTs called Metashift, which is still under development. BUt basically, players can use this process to convert their rare items into NFTs.

Yes, players will be able to buy and sell using Aptos token.

Yes, NFTs from the game will be available for players to trade on other platforms such as Topaz, as they will be just like any NFT on Aptos as we’re using the Aptos standard, it’s actually impossible for us to restrict this so players will have control and freedom with their NFTs.

In the future, is there any chance for METAPIXEL to onboard off-chain or WEB2 player into GSU?

Yes, this is a very important question. our ultimate goal is to onboard a mass audience for our ecosystem and games. This is why we’ve taken steps such as partnering with Blocto to provide easy, seamless wallet integration that allows people to sign up using email or social logins and without needing to manage a seed phrase. Additionally, we’re also removing common pain points for web2 users transitioning to web3, such as the hassle of gas fees with our Proxy gas fee payment system and removing the need to sign every transaction by using delegation.

Furthermore, we are creating quality games that dispel the narrative that web3 games are of lesser quality than web2 games, and the feedback from the first test shows that we are on the right track, and several people have noted that they couldn’t believe that GSU was a web3 game when they saw it and played it. And we also saw some interest from players of the original web2 Gran Saga towards GSU. We will be adding more to our efforts to onboard web2 users in the future through various methods, including marketing, partnerships, development and more.

What is the relationship between Catcha NFT and METAPIXEL?

Catcha will be METAPIXEL’s PFP NFT representing the entire METAPIXEL Ecosystem. However, they won’t just be jpegs — Catcha owners will be able to receive different kinds of utility — for example, in different games in our ecosystem owning a Catcha might have different benefits or uses according to the game, or Catcha might give their holders special membership benefits like acting as a game pass. These are just some possibilities of what we can offer to Catcha holders and the METAPIXEL ecosystem.

What I can tell you at the moment is that we’ll be dropping some cool stuff about Catcha in the near future, so please stay tuned!

Đông Lo Được#19941:
1. Will the game have a jump mode?
2. please let us move = mouse
3. Will there be tokens after playing the game? or NFT
4. If I have 2 computers in the same house, will it be banned?

1) We have received a number of inquries related to the jumping topic, but there are several issues regarding implementing a jump system to consider, it seems quite simple on paper but in reality there are several technical issues and systems that interact with each other.
2) Mouse movement is a possibility for future development, but we currently do not have a concrete timeframe or specific details to share at this point.
3) In-game NFTs can be acquired from playing the game, but there will be no fungible tokens derived from GSU.
4) No. you will not be banned for having more than 1 PC using the same IP address. To go a bit further in detail, you cannot login to the game from more than 2 devices with the same account at the same time. Also, you cannot connect to multiple accounts from the same device simultaneously.

How will the project team explore the Chinese market? Any specific time plan?

We’re aware that we have a large group of players from China and many Chinese users interested in this game, for which we are grateful. It is true that there are some countries in the world, not only China, where providing direct services is difficult due to regulations. It would be great if this issue could be resolved before we launch the game, so we can provide a smooth gaming experience to our fans. However, we think you’ll understand that we cannot guarantee this as it is not something we have control over.

Nevertheless, we plan to give a high priority to developing solutions that will help users from around the world access and enjoy our game. We want everyone to be able to see, play, and love our game.

Hi Daniel. GSU is great, the chats are just waiting for the second test. brutal appetite. Today’s question is a little personal. Daniel, please tell us how did you get into METAPIXEL? What was the selection criteria? What did you do before the game studio, did you study?

This is a quite personal question. Interesting. Lucas summoned me with a forbidden spell. JK.

A few years ago, Lucas and I discussed game development using blockchain technology. In 2021, Lucas proposed that I join Metapixel based on its vision. I was excited about the vision of creating a more player-friendly game experience through blockchain technology.

I had already been involved in game development before joining METAPIXEL, and had been studying blockchain and investing in crypto since 2016.

How will you run SBT (Soul Bound Token) on Aptos and where can player get it?

METAPIXEL is currently developing the SBT system because we believe it is necessary to realize our plan for the METAPIXEL ecosystem. To achieve this, we are working closely with the Aptos team.

We are envisioning various types of SBTs for our ecosystem that can have different uses for streamers, players, and guilds. However, as the SBT is still under development, we cannot distribute final details yet. They will be earned by contributing and participating in the METAPIXEL ecosystem. Currently, the focus for SBT is to encourage different groups to come together and participate in METAPIXEL.

fairu90 ♒#7550:
Hi! I understand that my question will make a grimace, but still: what will the pioneers get for their contribution to the game? is there really nothing but a role? Give at least a hint for motivation ….. And the second thing about the question: tell us a little more about the process and about the mechanics of things falling out (common, rar, epic, etc.) Thank you, see you on the second test.

We are very thankful to all the pioneers who have supported us from the early stage of the community and actively participated in our 1st Community Test. Pioneers will be able to participate in the next round of test, and will receive a pioneer title at the launch of GSU.

To make it easier for our early fans to participate in the upcoming 2nd test, we included categories such as “Be a Pioneer” and “Zealy Top 1000” so that they have a greater chance of getting the rewards attached to the 2nd test, especially compared to people who are trying to enter GSU for the first time. We understand that this isn’t equivalent, but we wanted to look for a balance between multiple factors and interests.

We are conducting a more aggressive promotion this time by expanding the tester pool because ultimately, the world of MMORPGs is more enjoyable when more people join. We want to attract not only users in the Aptos ecosystem and those who understand web3 but also other gamers.

Maintaining balance is not easy as you know, so if you have any opinions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to speak up, we are happy to listen. We’ll keep working on finding ways to reward early supporters and attract new users at the same time.

As for item drops, the more common and less valuable items will basically function with standard game RNG, but the most valuable/rare items will use our proof of play system.

adam g#8939:
In AMA#1, you said you were working on your own wallet. But you are also trying to make sure that users of non-custodial wallets are also able to connect.
As far as I know, SBT are non-transferable tokens.
1.)On which wallet exactly will SBT be stored?
2)This question is relevant if it is possible to receive and store SBT on a non-custodial wallet. Will it be possible to link multiple addresses to an account, for example, if the user has changed the address. but he doesn’t want to lose the availability and usefulness of SBT.

1) The details have not been fixed yet, but you will be able to store your SBT in the wallet address connected to your METAPIXEL account.

2) Wallet policies are currently being discussed. How we manage the wallets is not only an issue for SBT but also for the entire game service, so we are approaching this carefully to find the best possible solution. Of course, in any case, we will do our best to prevent unreasonable incidents like losing one’s SBT, as you mentioned in your example.

Rio carnival#3895:
The quality of the game during the first test was impressive, but what stood out the most was the way the operations and development team interacted with each individual player on Twitter and within the game itself. It was a fantastic first test, and it conveyed a sense of dedication to the player base.

I would like to ask about the participation token NFT for the next test. Instead of a typical mount that is common in MMOs, I think it would be interesting to have 8,000 unique PFP-style mounts that are different for each participant. This would be fun and exciting for participants, and I believe it would be well-received. What do you think?

Actually, this is a very interesting concept and is actually something that we’ve been considering. However, there are a number of techinical hurdles we need to clear before we can implement it, but we will definitely be exploring this idea further for unique looking mounts.

What is your solution suggestion for the enthusiasts who could not win the test with the lottery?

For people who are unlucky and don’t get into the test from either the Member Draw or Early Adopter Draw, they will be able to get into the test by getting an access code. As the first test was quite limited overall with just 500 testers, we weren’t able to give out as many access codes as we wanted, but this time we will be able to give out more access codes, and in a greater number of ways. People will be able to gain test access codes like before from our partnered guilds/gaming organizations and streamers, and we will be able to give out access codes through our Discord this time, such as through events.

банана( Сергей )#1073:
Hi, I would like to ask two questions, but okay. Question : Why is there no dodging and jumping in the game? this is how it should be in modern games.

Okay, first about the jump. As it was mentioned in one of the previous questions, there is demand for a jump system, but there are technical issues about it, a bit more than it looks like.

Second, about the dodge. GSU will be serviced in multiple regions, but the physical size of each region may be larger than you imagine. Therefore, game system designs based on low latency are avoided as much as possible, except for special situations. We have decided to exclude Dodging from the combat system for the same reason. Let’s imagine, if dodging becomes possible, there may be situations where the player thinks the character has succeefully dodged from how it appears on their PC but out of latency issues the damage still occurred. This can be a more serious issue In PvP or RvR, where it is also possible that the player thinks they have hit, but the actual judgment did not occur.

In the early stages of GSU, combat was designed with a focus on instant reactions using dodging, but eventually we decided to use a target-based damage method considering players’ fatigue and latency issues. However, not all damage is target-based. Some NPC skills operate on a range-based damage system. However, PC skills are processed as target-based damage to consider PvP/RvR situations.

What improvements can we expect for the next GSU test?
What were the most frequent suggestions for improvements among testers? Navigation between maps?Having to click the same key several times?

In the process of preparing for the next test, there are two main categories that are being heavily focused on.

Firstly, the integration of Web3 features. This includes the integration of in-game special features connected to SBT and the acquisition & viewing of items connected to Proof of Play. Through these features, testers will be able to imagine the basic form of Web 3 features that will be introduced in GSU in the future.

Secondly, enhancing player experience. There has been a lot of feedback that the game play was not smooth due to unfriendly guides and insufficient functions, and our team empathizes with this. Out team is currently prioritizing the improvement of systems such as quest guides, various alerts, and polishing the map system to make playing smoother. We are also improving the chat and emote systems to enable faster and smoother communication with many players.

Will you expand the range of promotions and partnerships? For example, gaming hardware giant Razer launches Web3 incubator recently.

Yes, our team is very active in the business development aspect of the ecosystem. You might have seen our recent Blocto partnership as one recent example. We also have more partnerships in the pipeline, covering different areas. We are not just limiting ourselves to working on web3 partnerships either, and we may be able to show some exciting examples of this down the line.

Starting the second test with the addition of the clan creation feature, I would like to know if you have any plans to exploit the special features of the clan system such as: what perks will the ranks come with. ? Daily events to connect members: even, guild boss…, Unique visual effects of each rank or due to the construction of specific upgrades unique to each guild campus: like the fact that we build houses, decorate them, add amenities…and receive perks…

It’s a good idea. In the 2nd Community Test, we plan to reveal the basic functions of clans, such as creation, membership, communication, and ranking. After the 2nd test, we plan to implement clan enhancement feature. We’re also discussing the following ideas:

1. Granting roles within clans: Clan masters can assign unique in-game effects to clan members based on their roles.
2. Clan headquarters: A game space exclusively available to clan members.
3. Clan store: A store within the game that is only accessible to clan members, offering different products depending on the clan’s ranking.
4. Clan raid: A large-scale raid which clan members can challenge real-time.

However, these items will not be implemented at once. We plan to gradually introduce them through testing and adjust priorities accordingly.

will metapixel have in-game cash store ?

example: do u know maplestory ? inside that game have cash store.


As we have consistently mentioned, our ultimate goal is to bring masses on web3. From that perspective, we believe that if everything is provided through blockchain or crypto, it will still be difficult for people without web3 experience to onboard onto the game.

Therefore, we are creating a game that allows users to see the benefits of blockchain technology from a technical standpoint, and we are considering selling products that enhance or make user experiences more convenient as long as they don’t compromise game balance. However, there is still a lot to be addressed policy-wise, so it’s difficult to provide details at this point. Nevertheless, we plan to provide the option for users to choose between Crypto / Fiat money based on their preferences.

Hi. Thanks for the game. I would like to test longer. Would it be possible to increase the period from four days to longer next time?

Yes. A lot of testers said that they wanted more time with the game than the 1st test, and in the 2nd test the testing period will be extended further. We’ll share the full testing length later but it will be significantly longer than the 1st test.

I ask you a question about enhancing armor.
Will there be a handover of armor skills like the current Gran Saga?

We internally refer to such a feature as Essence Extraction, and we have discussed applying it to GSU. However, the item system and mechanics that the GSU currently pursues are significantly different from the original Gran Saga, so it is difficult to apply.

Systems related to items have a significant impact on player-oriented economic mechanics. Therefore, we are carefully designing the system with the assumption that items will be grown, reinforced, and traded among players.

DJNamie | ProdigyGamerz#96211:
1.What is the game’s endgame content like, and how does it differ from the rest of the game?
2. How does the game’s economy work, and what are some ways players can make money in the game?
3. What are some of the biggest challenges players face in the game, and how can they overcome them?
4. How does the game’s world and lore differ from other MMORPGs, and what makes it unique?

1. End-game content is divided into two main directions: cooperative (boss raid) and competitive (PVP/RvR).
2. The game will have core game assets that are not easily obtainable and require effort and time, and these will be managed based on Proof of Play. Players can check the supply and drop rate of core assets through Proof of Play based explorers, and the value of assets will be determined based on this information and actual demand and supply. Buying and selling assets is up to the players’ freedom, and we are not making a game just to “make money.”
3. There will be challenging PVE and PVP content that can be overcome through character growth, understanding of strategy (proficiency), and cooperation with other players.
4. In summary, the biggest differentiator of the world and lore of Gran Saga: Unlimited is that the Unlimited world is connected to the real world. The game’s huge narrative involves real-world players crossing over to the Unlimited world and solving its problems. However, this narrative is not limited to the game’s setting, as features such as NFTs with blockchain elements that function within the game and the previously mentioned System Agent, which can have the power to affect the elements that make up the game world in the real world, differentiate the game by actually connecting it to reality.

Hello, I am a lover of MMO and RPGS games, I would like to know how you are going to deal with the inflation of items generated within the Grand Saga.

Our team has considered several methods to regulate and deal with the flow of items in the game. Proof of Play is one way to regulate the supply and release schedule for valuable game items, letting us set a designated number of valuable items for each server so items can maintain their scarcity and value. It also allows players to see item data transparently, which improves player trust and allows players to make more informed decisions. This will allow us to create a fairer and more balanced economic system, and encourage more competition among players for limited rare items.

There are many characters in the existing GranSaga.
Will Yuna, Kaito, Jun, etc. characters that have not been released yet be added?

As you may have already seen, the character classes in this game are based on existing Gran Saga characters and we have more character classes that will be added to the game in the future.

However, if you have played the original Gran Saga, you may feel that GSU’s class design is slightly different from the characters in Gran Saga. While the class design is based on the characters in Gran Saga, GSU aims for different gameplay mechanics than the original Gran Saga characters.

Additionally, there are other ways for beloved Gran Saga characters to appear in GSU. you might have done some of the Gran Saga scenario quests in the 1st test and met original Gran Saga characters, and we will be adding different connections for players to explore in the quests and gameplay of GSU.

MetaPixel is a flagship for Aptos Chain. How do design the second community test to give the envy for other games to join Aptos ?

Currently Aptos is still in the growth phase, and we’re excited to be part of the future of web3 gaming on Aptos. We think regardless, Aptos will be able to attract more high quality projects to its ecosystem but it is true that we are their first gaming partner and one of the flagship projects on the chain, so we do have a role to play. With the design and goals of our 2nd Community Test we think that these can be aligned:

The 2nd test will allow us to display some of the web3 features we have planned, whch can show the potential of web3 games to build on Aptos. A lot of the technical aspects we’re working on are only possible because we’re building on Aptos, and the Aptos team themselves are very active in working with us and providing support for our project development. I think this is an often overlooked aspect, but the relationship we have with Aptos is a huge help to us and other gaming projects could certainly benefit from not just the technical advantages of Aptos but the Aptos team too.

Secondly, the overall quality and visual appeal of our project stands out not just on Aptos but across all chains so sharing content and supporting streamers and our community to share content will be a priority. People who don’t pay attention to Aptos have seen the quality of our project from the screenshots and video from our 1st test, and this made them reconsider their biases against Aptos. So I think showing more of our project, getting as much content from the 2nd test distributed, and getting it in front of more people from across web3 will help shift the narrative and create more positive awareness for Aptos. The 1st test was just the start for spreading awareness and there’s a lot of work still to do, but the 2nd Test will be the perfect opportunity to really display METAPIXEL and Aptos to a wider audience.

Finally, I think the 2nd Test can show that there’s a strong, passionate community of gamers on Aptos that games can connect with, while also giving a chance to outsiders to join through expanded testing numbers and more access code distribution. We had thousands of people apply to become a tester, and the metrics gathered from the first test were very encouraging. We had high average playtime among testers, with the Top 200 testers spending 7 hours each day playing. We also had great retention with final day retention landing at 72%, meaning 72% of all testers were active through the entire test. The exit survey indidcated that the vast majority of players enjoyed the game and 98% would consider playing the game in the future. This was achieved through holding a lot of in-game events and having a lot of interesting content in the game for players so we’ll look to repeat that again.

Free Q&A

Angel | Aptos#6683:
How long is the game to beat in general?

Because we are planning to carefully design the growth balance it’s focused on making it fair for everyone.The point is related to the growth rate. So the endpoint is based on the time schedule. So it may take more than a few months to reach that at the moment, I think.

kerimo I RichieLand#0001:
Will you do an additional study on opening the project to different countries with content producers/guilds/influencers?

Of course, we are always open to new collaborations and new projects ff we can have mutual benefits to each other.

Hi, i have a question. Do you have plan in optimizing your game system requirement. I have a high spec unfortunately my GPU is average 1050 ti so didnt enjoy the graphic since i set to low and high resolution was lagging ..most likely i can play other games in high resolution.

Yes, we are planning to optimize our system now. So we are focused to optimize that you can play on a modern laptop. So I think you can play well by the end of the year this year. That’s our goal.

Hi guys all! I wanted to clarify, should we wait for additional awards for those who since the beginning of the project is in the top CREW3?

So, yeah, we are actually in this for the long haul. So we think our project is still in the early stage.And yeah, maybe it’s not the answer you wanted to hear, but we are planning and building a lot of things to create the gaming ecosystem we are envisioning. So I hope you have a bit more patience until we can reveal more about our plans and our rewards.But yeah, we are always very grateful for the early fans and we are always considering how to compensate and reward our early supporters who made this possible.

The server will be released separate by region?

Yes, I’ve already answered in this previously, the game will be serviced in multiple regions, but the physical size of each region is not determined yet. But I think it may be larger than you imagine. So,the answer is yes and maybe we can test in several regions when we start the official launch by end of the year.

Will the clans in the game be shared with other METAPIXEL games?

This is quite great idea because I’ve never thought about this, but it’s a really great idea to be considered. So at this time, I cannot answer about this directly, but yes, we can consider it, but I have to discuss this with Lucas first.

Whats is the main focus in the game? is it to be the top player? or a top guild? how is it define?

The main focus of the game is as we already mentioned inthe second article to become a system agent for each player, which means a top player that can affect the real game world. But this is not a single player game. So we are trying to have some serious content for guilds and clans. So they become one of the top clans in the game. So there are two ways to become a top player. The first one is the single system agent. And second one is becoming the top clan, I think currently.

kerimo I RichieLand#0001:
As far as I know, Metapixel currently has 3 different explained games. Are you thinking of making these games token-focused or NFT-focused?

Yeah, we have announced our road map for this year at the hackathon in February. And I think you are referring to that, as Suh mentioned Catcha is not actually a game, it’s a PFP NFT project. But anyway, the games we want to make on the METAPIXEL ecosystem actually cannot be simply explained as NFT games, we want to make a game that is playable for everyone, even for web2 gamers who are not so familiar with all the web3 features. So basically, in order to play the game, you won’t have to buy an NFT but you will slowly be integrated into the web3 systems.And eventually you are going to be an owner of NFT s and have a wallet. So that’s our goal.

Patryk Przyborowski#7298:
When raffle for next testers?

So we are currently doing the applications for the METAPIXEL member draw. So when that period is over, we are going over to get applications from top rankers of Zealy and also Early Adopter NFT holders. So when that’s over, we will do the raffle for the next test at the end of June. So yeah, please stay with us until then and good luck.

What security measures did your team do to the game so it will be safe from exploits? Also, are you still open for streamer partnerships and if so, how to apply?

Yes, we adapted some of our systems to avoid it from exploits.And we are using the Pro Guard product that is kind of a protective system we adapted and also the software is based on the cloud system. So we’re trying to focus to avoid the exploit in many ways.

We have still a lot time until the second test occurs. So yeah, we can say we are still open for streamer partnerships.

So please contact us by email or contact Joseph if you have any inquiries.

May I ask about the income of the metapixel team? Where will you guys get it from? like e.g. from selling in-game item, from fee of converting token/nft etc.

FYI: It will be based on two different measures. First, there will be some direct sales from the game developer side — but also since we are creating the ingame economy with NFTs, 2nd hand sale fee will be also another ways to make profit for the company to make our service sustainable.

But we will be finalizing the details of the business model — so will be sharing this information as well soon in the near future.

While waiting for the next 2nd testing whats your plan for the community.? do we just wait?

We have exciting news and events to come. For example, we are planning some for Catcha. So meanwhile you have something to have fun with.

Patryk Przyborowski#7298:
Is there any NFTs ingame like Avatars / Clothes / Pets or Weapons?

Very interesting question. And the answer is absolutely yes. I can’t confirm the exact categories of in-game items which you can transfer to NFTs right now. But yes, definitely they, they exist.

Do we have an idea on how many beta keys will be allocated to guilds?

Well, yeah, it depends. We are currently discussing about the allocation of all the tester squats for the second test internally. But we know that guilds have played a major role last time at the first test. So we value that very much and we will take that definitely into consideration.


Now for the Zealy AMA Attendance confirmation word, the word is: “SBT”, in all caps. I’ll type it in chat too for everyone.

Thank you all for attending the AMA and asking your questions, we hope you learned a lot more about GSU, METAPIXEL and the upcoming test. Bye and see you later!

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