METAPIXEL: Creating a Visual Identity

Designer LUMINA explains the meaning behind METAPIXEL’s visual elements, including our logo, and what they represent!

4 min readApr 26, 2023

Welcome to Part II of METAPIXEL’s Brand Identity explainer! Before METAPIXEL’s launch, a lot of thought went into creating a unique and harmonious brand identity.

Previously, we covered the meaning behind METAPIXEL’s name and this time we’ll share the meaning of METAPIXEL’s visual elements and the process our designer LUMINA went through to create our core visual identity.


I actually came up with custom names for the two primary colors of METAPIXEL: METAPIXEL Ocean Blue and METAPIXEL Sunrise Yellow. The brand colors of METAPIXEL symbolize the harmonious meeting of the endless blue waves of the sea and golden sunlight that represents a new beginning.

I wanted to express the vast potential of web3 innovation meeting with the dawn of a bright, new future, these two colors come together in METAPIXEL where we move towards a better future for gaming with innovative technology.

This is also similar to the philosophy behind NPIXEL’s overall branding:

Starting with just a single pixel, an infinite number (n) of possibilities can be explored and built. N also represents the next generation, which NPIXEL is embracing with METAPIXEL and web3 gaming.


After going through various concepts and interations, I went with a more abstract, sleek design for the METAPIXEL logo which still captures the spirit of METAPIXEL.

The logo symbol of METAPIXEL represents connection with other people and captures the positive feelings of meeting new people and shaking their hand, and opening new doors with web3 technology. Through an open window created by overlapping these two concepts, we can explore a new world filled with fresh, exciting possibilities for gaming.

The logo is also quite unique and versatile, which makes it great in other branding applications such as merchandise!


The font used by METAPIXEL, Futura, is a classic font that embodies timeless modernity and it has a clean, elegant look that’s easy to read and versatile, suitable for both headers and body text.

Visually and thematically, Futura is the perfect typeface for the METAPIXEL brand. I wanted to bring together the brand spirit of METAPIXEL, and convey the meeting of history and innovation in our project.


All of the design choices I made were with the intent to tell the story of METAPIXEL leading us to a new world in gaming and I think I’ve created something both appealing and fitting for METAPIXEL.

Our vision at METAPIXEL is to move beyond the current status quo by building a new, premier web3 gaming ecosystem.

Coming Soon…

I hope you enjoyed my explanation of the visual elements of METAPIXEL’s brand identity!

Keep your eye out for more of my work coming soon for the Catcha NFT collection (I also directed the We Cats music video) and other METAPIXEL projects!

The METAPIXEL team has been working hard on the overall creative direction of Catcha — we want to go beyond just the collection art and create a distinctive, captivating Catcha universe filled with lore and content for everyone to enjoy.

Official Links

METAPIXEL Website: METAPIXEL: the Complete Gaming Metaverse
METAPIXEL Twitter: METAPIXEL (@Metapixel) / Twitter
NPIXEL Website: 엔픽셀 — NPIXEL




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