METAPIXEL: Remember the Name

Discover the meaning behind METAPIXEL’s name and what it represents

2 min readDec 17, 2022

Hello METAPIXEL family!

Before METAPIXEL’s launch, a lot of thought went into creating a unique and harmonious brand identity. Here, we’ll give you the background behind our name and the vision we wanted to convey with it!

It’s actually the perfect time to get familiar. The METAPIXEL name and brand will soon feature a lot more prominently in the Aptos ecosystem and the web3 gaming space.

Starting with a PIXEL

NPIXEL is the developer behind METAPIXEL, and the foundation of our brands is shared.

Pixels are the fundamental units that comprise each game and user experience. Starting with just a single pixel, an infinite number (n) of possibilities can be explored and built. N also represents the next generation, which NPIXEL is embracing with METAPIXEL and web3 gaming.

METAPIXEL Brand Identity

As METAPIXEL is strongly linked to NPIXEL, there’s a strong connection in our branding and visual ideas. However, we still made sure to give METAPIXEL its own unique identity.

We kept the shared idea of building from a pixel and combined it with the prefix meta-, which captures the essence of going beyond, transcendence, and change.

Our vision at METAPIXEL is to move beyond the current status quo by building a new, premier web3 gaming ecosystem.

Simple but effective!


METAPIXEL is a web3 gaming ecosystem, built by NPIXEL and powered by our official Layer 1 partner Aptos. We’re working on bringing first-class web3 games, including our flagship IP Gran Saga, to a mass audience.

We hope that you gained some insight into how we created our brand identity and the vision we want to convey.

We aim to grow METAPIXEL into a complete gaming ecosystem with a wide audience, not just within Aptos and web3 gaming, but also with gamers as a whole.

Next time, we’ll explore the logo and visual elements of METAPIXEL as a brand.




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