METAPIXEL’s Vision for Catcha

METAPIXEL’s Head of Web3, Lucas Ko, explains the raison d’être for the Catcha NFT collection

5 min readMay 21, 2023

NFTs provide users with tangible value in various forms — uniqueness, verifiable ownership, and coalescence with artwork. We’ve seen the emergence of a variety of NFTs such as PFP NFTs to represent their owners, membership NFTs to enjoy exclusive experiences and benefits, and NFT-based loyalty programs that utilize smart contracts, and that’s just scratching the surface.

It’s clear why we should all be paying attention to NFTs and their evolution.

Why we are creating an NFT collection

Thanks to NFTs, METAPIXEL can provide a unique identity for fans who interact with our brand, products, and services. Based on our distinctive style and artwork, these NFTs allow individuals to express themselves online, and provide benefits to holders based on the value generated within the ecosystem.

We also recognize that holders function as individuals outside of just METAPIXEL’s orbit, which continuously expands our ecosystem, and ultimately empowers us all to have a greater impact on the world. METAPIXEL actively encourages and supports such activities by holders.

We want to provide an opportunity for individuals who seek the thrill of standing on a bigger stage within the METAPIXEL community and the wider world of web3.

If you are someone who craves joyful energy, enjoys connecting with people, and has an interest in creating enjoyment, we invite you to join us in building a more meaningful and evolved NFT project.

Enter Catcha.

The Fine Felines of METAPIXEL

The aesthetic appeal of Catcha

Communities have their own direction, goals and unique culture. No community has thrived without a strong culture that defines it. Cultures also evolve and change alongside the community, redefining and adapting with time.

However, it requires a significant amount of time and effort to approach people and explain our culture, no matter how cool or interesting it may be. Getting people to listen in the first place is extremely challenging.

This is where artwork and aesthetics plays a crucial role, it provides an immediate impression of the community we want to convey.

We’ve put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into crafting the unique, eye-catching art and aesthetics of Catcha.

So, what do we want people to feel when they see Catcha?

Catcha showcases artwork that aims to represent the METAPIXEL community: playful, clever, vibrant, and independent. The artwork depicts characters that are cute but possess power underneath their charming exterior.

They are always curious to discover new things, down to have fun, and are unafraid of change. These are the characteristics we want to convey through the art of Catcha.

Each Catcha as its own individual brand

The ownership of an NFT is recorded on-chain and is indisputable. However, this only represents the technical side of what makes NFTs non-fungible. It does not explain why an NFT should exist and what separates each one, especially when the collection is supposed to serve as a form of community identity.

The NFT collection should go beyond this and involve creating value for owners through a thoughtfully designed structure that benefits not only individual owners but also the entire community.

Catcha holders are both fans of the Catcha brand and participants in the METAPIXEL community, but they also act as independent entities with their proven exclusive ownership of Catcha. METAPIXEL will actively support Catcha holders to create their independent brands and communities using their NFT. Simultaneously, these will collectively operate as a unified and powerful Catcha community that continues to grow and evolve over time.

We aim to create a brand that will have a greater impact in the world, with the value generated from it benefiting all participants in the community. This is our vision for the dynamics of the Catcha community.

Growing with the community

Catcha will also serve as a chronicle for our community, tracking the formation and growth of the METAPIXEL community. This is not just a figurative expression; Catcha will truly evolve alongside the community.

We Cats (Official Music Video)

Do you recall the red, stick-like objects in our first Catcha music video? It’s a Squeezy (plural: Squeezies), a delightful treat for Catcha that plays a significant role in the world of Catcha. Not only is it a delectable snack that drives Catcha crazy, but it also contains a mysterious compound that acts as a catalyst for metamorphosis, taking Catcha to a new, higher level.

Gradually, we will release more information about Catcha and Squeezies, just wait until you see what we have planned!

The purr-ks of being a Catcha owner

Catcha fed with Squeezies are not the only ones who will undergo evolution over time. The benefits of owning a Catcha will also continue to expand in conjunction with the ever-expanding universe of METAPIXEL. The beauty of NFTs lies in the synergy between their permanent form and dynamic utility, which grows and evolves in sync with the ecosystem.

As supporters of the METAPIXEL ecosystem, Catcha owners will reap the rewards of a thriving ecosystem.

Catcha later!

Why are we creating an NFT collection? We want to invite people across the world to create a growing community that will both benefit the owners and the whole METAPIXEL ecosystem.

Do you happen to have that feisty feline energy and want to be a part of this? We are planning to drop a lot more in the near future, so stay tuned!

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