NPIXEL Is Coming to Web3

Learn more about NPIXEL, the force behind the web3 gaming METAPIXEL project

3 min readNov 15, 2022

Bringing together our web2 expertise with web3 ethos, NPIXEL will be building the METAPIXEL web3 gaming ecosystem on Aptos. NPIXEL has the experience, resources and track record to successfully build top-class games. Read on to find out exactly why NPIXEL is set to take web3 gaming by storm.

Founded in 2017, NPIXEL is a quickly rising game studio, which achieved unicorn status ($1 billion+ USD valuation) in 2021 and now boasts an expert team of over 550 employees. We hold the record for the fastest unicorn status in Korean game industry history. Our achievements have firmly established us as a serious game development studio with an extremely bright future.

Gran Saga: The Call of Destiny trailer

NPIXEL’s flagship IP is Gran Saga, which started with a smash-hit cross-platform MMO launched in 2021. Gran Saga topped the charts as the most downloaded mobile game in both Japan and Korea, later also becoming the #1 grossing title in Korea and #7 grossing title in Japan.

Gran Saga x Final Fantasy XV crossover event trailer

Gran Saga features the artwork of famed Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy) and soundtrack by one of the great video game music composers Yoko Shimomura (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts). A powerhouse cast of notable voice acting talent in both Korean and Japanese bring the characters and world of Gran Saga to full, vibrant life.

Other collaborations include our work with K-pop star Taeyon of Girls’ Generation fame, the anime studio CloverWorks and a high profile crossover with Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV title.

Gran Saga is aiming to expand its audience globally with an upcoming Chinese language release in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong with over 1 million pre-registrations to date.

Chrono Odyssey trailer

Proof of NPIXEL’s future ambitions, Chrono Odyssey is an upcoming AAA open-world MMORPG optimized for PC. The game takes place in a mysterious multiverse spanning across space and time, and will thrill players with its dynamic gameplay.

METAPIXEL will be able to leverage the brand awareness and massive creative potential of the Gran Saga IP to spearhead our web3 gaming initiative, while also creating and exploring new and exciting opportunities.

Players will be able to enjoy high-quality web3 games that are indistinguishable visually and gameplay-wise from traditional games, while also benefiting from player ownership of assets. We plan to onboard millions to web3 gaming.

NPIXEL’s expertise in game development, operations, partnerships and commitment to hiring the best blockchain and web3 gaming talent around, will help drive METAPIXEL to become the premier web3 gaming ecosystem.

We will be releasing more details about METAPIXEL very soon, so follow us on Twitter and here on Medium to stay up to date!




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